Carlsbad Elder Abuse Attorney

Financial Elder Abuse

Financial elder abuse is defined as the abusive control of finances in which there is an established relationship of trust between abuser and victim. Financial abuse is commonly seen with the misuse of funds of the older individual for financial gain for the abuser. Family members, close friends, or caregivers are usually given special access to seniors’ funds and use their position to inflict abuse by deception or theft.

Common practices for financial abuse include, but are not limited to:

  • Money or property taken/used without the senior’s permission
  • Fraudulently becoming a senior’s power of attorney or guardian
  • Forging the senior’s signature or identity for financial transactions
  • Money being borrowed and never returned to the senior

Before we accept any case, we thoroughly review your documents, investigate the facts, and analyze your case to determine the strength of various claims and remedies that can be pursued in arbitration or litigation. We also determine anticipated defenses, applicable statutes of limitations, and the best course of action for recovering your losses, and, potentially, attorney’s fees, costs, punitive damages, civil penalties, and non-monetary relief. If you have the choice of multiple forums, we will advise you as to your options and work with you to determine which legal forum is best for you. In deciding where to bring your action, you should consult with experienced legal counsel to be well informed of your choices, and estimated costs each option entails.

If you or a loved one is being abused financially by a family member or caregiver, an attorney should be contacted immediately. Having an elder abuse attorney handle your case can help you to relieve some of the stress you may feel from the case. It may also help you ensure you have a successful chance of winning your case. Attempting such a case on your own can be frustrating and lead to disappointment. Attorney Leslie Schwaebe Akins knows and understands how important your loved ones are and wants to help you make sure they are taken care of respectfully. Contact our financial abuse attorney today to discuss your case and what we can do for you.