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Securities Law

Leslie Schwaebe Akins, Esq. has successfully represented investors for almost 30 years in court, arbitration, or mediation proceedings. Ms. Akins handles cases and claims ranging from the representation of individual or multiple investors, to class actions. Most legal claims are not resolved without enforcement of his or her legal rights in an appropriate legal forum.

Carlsbad finance attorney Leslie Akin is prepared with the necessary knowledge and experience to help you with your securities case involving:

  • Determining transactions with/without registered securitiessecurities law
  • Considering tax implications
  • Negotiating security terms & financial agreements with third parties
  • Preparing disclosure documents
  • Help close the transaction efficiently

At our firm, we bring up claims against investors who have been defrauded, which includes families, individuals, business entities, and other organizations. We understand how difficult these cases can be and will give you a hands-on and aggressive approach to give you the most successful case possible.

California has strong laws protecting victims of brokers engaged in misrepresentation and fraud. Corporation codes have been established to prohibit omitting material facts during a security sale, as well as making any false statements. If you or someone you know is struggling to have a successful securities case, contact Carlsbad finance attorney Leslie Akins to discuss your case.

With a significant amount of paperwork to be done and deadlines to meet, such a case will surely add unnecessary stress to your life. Allowing a trusted Carlsbad finance attorney to handle your case can assure less stress for you and your business. If you are in need of a securities expert, call or email Attorney Leslie Schwaebe Akins today for your case consultation. We want to help you and your case be taken care of as quickly as possible. Contact our office today.